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Cozy Picnic Bloody Mary Recipe

I love the outdoors! I love outdoor activities! But sometimes, I just want to relax and appreciate the outdoors and chill. A picnic is the perfect way to get outside, soak up some rays and just relax. Not to mention, they can be pretty romantic too! The Cozy Outdoor Picnic Bloody Mary Recipe was inspired by my love for the outdoors and easy living on those slower paced weekends.

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For this recipe I used one of my personal favorite mixes, Sportsman’s Redneck Juice Clam Diggers. The hearty and rich mix is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner picnic and is garnished with charcuterie that would be found in any picnic basket. Why go with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, when you can go with bloody marys and meat and cheese!??

Sportsman’s Redneck Juice came about when owner Ed and his wife purchased Sportsman’s Bar and Grill in Wisconsin! With patrons traveling up to 50 miles to taste their famous bloody marys and selling their mix in tubs from the sour cream the restaurant used, they knew they had something special. Their Clam Diggers mix is one of my favorites and is great for any occasion such as picnics, sailing, ice fishing, hunting, or barbecuing! Because of the hearty and bold flavor, you really don’t need to add anything to it, which lends to the ease of taking it to the outdoors with you! I’ve also created a recipe using their spicy and original mix, perfect for grilling, camping, and BBQ’s! You can check that out here.

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Ingredients - Serves 2

8oz Sportsman’s Redneck Juice Clam Diggers

3-4oz of vodka

4 slices of prosciutto

4 slices of salami

4 cheese cubes (any of your choice)

2 lime wedges

2 green olives

2 pepperoncini’s

2 baby dill pickles


1.  Fill two wine glasses with ice (I used stemless wine glasses because it just felt it made things a little more romantic)

2.  Add half of each portion of Sportsman’s Redneck Juice Clam Diggers and vodka to the glasses and stir

3.  Garnish the bloody marys with the accompanying charcuterie. If you want to hand feed your date the garnish, we won’t judge

 *sip and enjoy and please drink responsibly

sportsmans redneck juice bloody mary obsessed recipe.jpg
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