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Umami Mary Bloody Mary Recipe

Umami Mary, Bloody Mary Recipe Made with Sportsman's Redneck Juice


In Southern California, we may not have that same kind of “sportsman's” outdoor activities as the Midwest or northern part of the country but it doesn’t mean we don’t live an active and outdoor lifestyle here in San Diego! With 263 days of sunny to partly cloudy days a year (where “sunshine tax” comes from), warm temperatures all year, and the ocean and mountains at your fingertips, we’ve got just about every outdoor activity available all year. Well, except cold weather activities like ice fishing. For me personally, that is totally FINE!

All this talk of outdoor activities leads me to tell you about this awesome mix I was fortunate enough to try back in Minnesota when I was judging the Bloody Mary Festival in St. Paul. One of the participants was an enthusiastic, energetic, and passionate about his product, guy named Ed. The founder of Sportsman’s Redneck Juice. A hearty, brothy, savory mix that immediately gave me the sense of umami. Which is now considered a legit type of taste, in case you didn’t know! 

umami mary sportsmans redneck juice.jpg

We may not have ice fishing or ice hockey in San Diego but we've got surfing, hiking, paddle boarding, and so much more! This recipe was developed with the sportsman in mind and keeping with the umami flavor profile. Whether your ice fishing on the lakes of Wisconsin, camping in the Green Mountains of New Hampshire, or jet skiing on the bay in San Diego, this recipe has all the goodies to prepare you for a day of sportsman OR sportswoman activities! Topped with a grilled teriyaki beef, tomato, and mushroom skewer, I added some soy sauce and green tea for that extra boost. 


8oz of Sportsman's Redneck Juice Bloody Mary Mix

2oz Vodka

5 Tbsp of Green Tea (make a full glass of tea and you can save the excess for later drinking)

3 Tbsp of Soy Sauce

1 Beef Teriyaki skewer (I picked mine up at my local grocery store but you can certainly make your own. For best umami flavor use one with beef, mushrooms, and tomatoes)

umami mary made with sportsmans redneck juice.jpg


  1. Brew green tea at any time beforehand and store in the refrigerator

  2. Grill the teriyaki skewer to your desired meat temperature

  3. Fill a shaker or tumbler with ice, add vodka and Sportsman's Redneck Juice

  4. Add the soy sauce and green tea, stir and pour into glass

  5. Top the glass with the teriyaki skewer

*sip and enjoy and please drink responsibly

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