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Uniquely Refreshing; Toast Gastrobrunch Arrives in Carlsbad

Toast Gastrobrunch, Carlsbad


 4.75 🍅’s

Newly opened brunch restaurant Toast Gastrobrunch in Carlsbad was, “created by brunch lovers, for those who love brunch,” and invites you to #gettoasted with them. I knew Toast was speaking my language as soon as I walked in and saw the wall mural, “you say tomato, I say bloody mary,” I instantly felt at home.

Toast’s brunch menu is new, fresh and exciting. The deviation from traditional brunch food and cocktails was breathe of fresh air and brought me genuine excitement and a smile and to my face. Here’s three reasons why, besides the toast, that Toast Gastrobrunch is uniquely refreshing.

you say tomato i say bloody mary toast gastrobrunch bloody mary obsessed.jpg

Alfie’s Green Bloody

Toast’s featured cocktail, Alfie’s Green Bloody is a spin on the savory and red morning libation that is the bloody mary. Made from tomatillos, this green goddess is mixed with gin, Alfie’s green bloody mix and garnished with a roasted jalapeño, shrimp, stuffed olive, and bacon with a smoked salt rim. There is a subtle spice and garlic rich flavor that melds with the smoky and salty notes of the rim, bringing out the best of the flavor. This bright, zesty, and uniquely refreshing cocktail will have even the traditional bloody mary haters coming back for more!

alfies green bloody mary toast gastrobrunch carlsbad bloody mary obsessed.jpg

Fried Chicken

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? Toast’s fried chicken makes an appearance in the Southern Fried Benny and the Crispy Chicken and Cakes. The amazing smell alone will make you salivate as soon as your dish is placed in front of you. Toast uniquely crafts their fried chicken by adding corn flakes to their breading and hot sauce with the buttermilk for a spicy, tantalizing, crispy piece of heaven.

toast gastrobrunch freid chicken and pancakes bloody mary obsessed.jpg

Chocolate Covered Apples

No, you didn’t mishear me. I said chocolate covered apples. Toast Gastrobrunch didn’t want to give their guests just regular ol’ fruit and potato garnish. They wanted a garnish that was fun, different, and interactive. Several dishes come with the chocolate covered apple, oven roasted tomatoes and these tasty fried potato pops. Well I’m not 100% sure that chocolate covered apples are the first thing that comes to mind for brunch, they certainly are a memorable and yummy conversation piece and will keep your kids happy and occupied!

toast gastrobrunch candy apples bloody mary obsessed carlsbad.jpg

I’m thrilled to have a new go-to brunch spot where I feel at home. Toast is uniquely refreshing and each food item and morning cocktail has intention and thought behind it. The brunch-lovers behind Toast craft each dish to be satisfying yet different. At Toast, they don’t conform to traditional brunch rules and that’s completely okay! If you haven’t heard about this new brunch hot spot….now you know!!!!

abc pork belly brunch at toast gastrobrunch bloody mary obsessed.jpg
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