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Breakfast Heavyweights Rise & Shine Restaurant Group Open New Concept, North Park Breakfast Company in North Park

North Park Breakfast Company - North Park


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A not-so-hidden gem on the edges of the North Park neighborhood is a new spectacular breakfast spot, North Park Breakfast Company. Brought to you by breakfast heavy weights, Rise & Shine Restaurant Group (Fig Tree Cafe & Breakfast Republic) North Park Breakfast Company has it’s own individual flare that’ll not only resonate with the neighborhood but brunch and breakfast enthusiasts alike!

North Park Breakfast Company believes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (couldn’t agree more) and encourages you to “wake up with us.” If I lived in North Park, it would be incredibly difficult not to! Here’s my top 4 reasons why it would be hard not to have breakfast there every day!

The Food

Whether you like to indulge in savory or sweet or prefer healthy and/or vegan options there is something for everyone at North Park Breakfast Company! For those with a sweet tooth, revel in the goodness that is Churro French Toast with house-made buttermilk ice cream, cinnamon sugar and cajeta, or completely lose all your inhibitions with the luxe Tiramisu Pancakes made with espresso syrup, mascarpone sabayon, and ladyfinger crumble.

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If you’re like me and love the savory dishes you must try the Fried Rice Benedict! The way the samba hollandaise sauce and pickled radish salad melded together with the eggs and rice was like heaven on a plate, it was my favorite dish of the day! On my second visit I got the opportunity to try the chicken confit and grits and it is another top-notch savory dish that will keep you coming back for more and more.

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The crafty cocktail menu at North Park Breakfast Company is simplistic, pure, and delicious!! Mixologist Jeff came up with hand-crafted cocktail recipes using minimal fresh ingredients that are bursting with flavor and have a delicate and lightness to them. All the veggie and fruit juices in the cocktails are freshly squeezed and there are mocktails, kombucha, and coffee options for non-drinkers!

My personal favorite cocktail was the Pineapple made with white rum, mezcal, pineapple, lime, kiwi, cane syrup and absinthe. I also recommend the bright and colorful Carrot, Beet, and Grapefruit cocktails! If you’re really looking to jumpstart your morning go with the Coffee cocktail made with aged rum, cold brew, chocolate almond milk, and vanilla! Oh, and did I mention these incredibly awesome cocktails are only $8!? Definitely a steal! 

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Bloody Mary

The Bacon and Eggs Bloody Mary is deserving of its own category because, well…. bacon and eggs! The savory, citrus forward, and little bit spicy mix is the same recipe from one of my favorites at Breakfast Republic, but the garnish is what really stands out.

A true meal in a glass the bloody mary is topped with wake n’ bacon and a deviled egg! Wake n’ Bacon is thick cut bacon marinated with brown sugar and NPBC blend bean coffee rub, just something you can’t get anywhere else!! The deviled egg filling goes into the egg only once it’s ordered so that it is fresh and tasty! I do not know what goes into their deviled eggs but damn, they are good! I’m thinking about starting a petition to get them added as a side order! Who’s with me?

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Sustainability Initiatives

One of my favorite things about North Park Breakfast Company is their sustainability initiatives. Being the tree-hugger, I am, I fully appreciate the initiative to be more eco-friendly! At North Park Breakfast Company, virtually nothing goes to waste!

All produce at North Park Breakfast Company is completely broken down. Cocktails and juices are made with freshly squeezed veggies and fruits and the leaves and rinds are used to garnish those cocktails. NPBC also sends all food waste and scraps to be composted and they recycle anything they can. Solving the issue of those pesky paper straws while still wanting to rid plastic straws, they found a solution in stainless steel straws. I thank you for that!

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North Park Breakfast Company has quickly become one of my favorite breakfast spots in San Diego! They have a walk-up bar from the street and two outdoor patios, one is a rooftop patio, which is rare in North Park! Delicious food, hand-crafted and fresh breakfast cocktails, an epic bloody mary, and forward-thinking sustainability initiatives, North Park Breakfast Company rightfully deserves a visit! They open every day at 7am on University in North Park!

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