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Jurassic Pork Bloody Mary at Breakfast Republic

Jurassic Pork Bloody Mary at Breakfast Republic

Breakfast Republic


4.5 🍅's

Run cock run! It is not my saying, but it’s what you’ll read on the walls of any Breakfast Republic when you walk in! In fact, there are bold and/or sarcastic statements on just about everything in there which makes for a great time and Instagram worthy stories! Just like the bold words on the walls and cups, the Jurassic Pork bloody mary makes a bold statement.

When the Jurassic Pork bloody arrived at my table I was elated! The dark red bloody is a perfect backdrop for the plentiful spices in the drink and the aroma of the thick piece of Jurassic pork filled the air with warm bacon superbness.

The house-made mix is rich in flavor and has a thicker consistency that is hearty and warming. The Worcestershire sauce makes the bloody quite tangy and the horseradish nips at your sinuses. Just what I needed since I had a terrible cold. Forget whiskey, bloody marys work like a charm for a pesky cold! Black pepper and the other spices gave the Jurassic Pork some heat and the thick bacon drizzled some savory and salty juices into the mix. The flavor journey of each sip ends with a lingering smokiness the ties in the tangy and savory flavors, creating a masterfully balanced and delicious cocktail. 

bloody mary obsessed shrimp and grits breakfast republic.jpg

The food at Breakfast Republic is equally delicious! I highly recommend the shrimp and grits or the Croque Monsier eggs Benedict! If you’re not feeling like drinking, then I’d say go for the Mexican hot chocolate, it is incredibly delicious! So, if you love sarcasm, great food and a bold bloody mary then head to Breakfast Republic! With new locations popping up everywhere you’re never too far away from a Breakfast Republic!! Run cock run!

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