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New Restaurant: Martina

New Restaurant: Martina



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What do three Bloody Mary experts from all over the country, who also happen to be friends, do when they find themselves together in the same city? Well, they head out for a girls brunch to one of the newest and hottest restaurants in the city! Myself, Shelley from The Drunken Tomato, and Renee from Bloody Good Bloodys headed to Martina Restaurant in Linden Hills, just outside of Minneapolis.

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Martina, Argentinian-inspired cuisine, is a breath of fresh air; literally. Seafood and meats cooked over a wood fire grill, fill Martina with a heavenly aroma that spills out onto the streets of Linden Hills, drawing you into their restaurant. When you walk into Martina the space is modern, but welcoming and you can catch a glimpse into the open kitchen. The tall ceilings flood the room with light, and greenery transports you into an oasis far from the bitter winters of Minnesota. The atmosphere welcomes you to make your visit to Martina a memorable one, as restaurant goers dress to impress. Although the atmosphere is swanky, menu prices won’t break the bank!

Being the three Bloody Mary amigos, I mean aficionados that we are, we ordered a round of bloody marys to kick off brunch. However, Shelley went with a slightly more interesting approach to the hangover and ordered the “Essentials;” three tubes of hangover potion to bring you back to life after a rough night. The bloody, the bus driver, and a bump! The tubes come served in a Chinese takeout box on ice. Very interesting!

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Renee and I ordered the tomato cocktail, aka standard bloody! Make no mistake, standard is not the word that describes this bloody mary. Martina’s bloody mary is as fiery in color as it is in taste. This sizzling, spicy bloody is coming in hot. Although spicy and bold, the bloody mary also has a tangy and salty flavor that soothes your insides after the initial burst of heat. Martina’s bloody is rimmed with Cyprus Flake Salt; a Mediterranean salt that is probably the most delicious rim I’ve ever had! I enjoyed the bloody so much I decided to order a second one! Renee and Shelley’s second round went Martina's unique and fresh sparkling brunch cocktails; Orange and Grapefruit. Both drinks topped with dried fruit.

The brunch food is also amazing at Martina. I went with the charred avocado wheatgrass bruschetta with pickled shrimp. Charred avocado is insanely good and the drizzle on the fluffy, but grilled, toast was divine. Renee went with the oysters with horseradish and a mushroom mignonette; so scrumptious. Last, our server brought out my favorite part; potato churros. Living in SoCal, churros are absolutely everywhere; but they are all sweet, so having a savory warm and salty churro was the highlight of my weekend

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If you haven’t had a chance to try out this new restaurant in Linden Hills, I would make a reservation immediately. You will not be disappointed by anything from the staff, management, brunch, cocktails, atmosphere to the Bloody Mary! I hope when I make it back to Minnesota I can come for dinner!

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