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Fly Through the Week with Dunedin New Zealand Eats Bloody Mary and Breakfast Flights

Dunedin New Zeland Eats, North Park


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Do you ever wish that it was Friday and you wake up and realize it’s only Tuesday? Well, then you are not alone my friends! Some weeks really fly by, but for those weeks that seem a little longer, I have the perfect solution for you!

Fly through the week with Dunedin New Zealand Eats brand new breakfast food and cocktail flights! Available Monday through Friday from 10AM-2PM they are the perfect bites and sips to help you fly through your week!

I had never been to Dunedin before, but I have frequented one of their sister restaurants, Bareback Grill in Pacific Beach. I love Bareback, so I knew I would enjoy Dunedin and was thoroughly surprised when I arrived.

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Dunedin New Zealand Eats is a tropical paradise in the North Park neighborhood. When you walk up to Dunedin you really feel like your stepping into a tropical rainforest and away from the hustle and bustle of life. This is exactly why Dunedin New Zealand Eats vibe and their new breakfast flights are the perfect combination to help fly through your week!

Food Flights

If you’re looking for some variety but still want to fill up, Dunedin has 3 food flight options. Burgers, which the entire BBG Group is known for (kiwi, lamb, Bombay), Fries (match, fatty, sweet potato) and Break-Wiches with egg (ham & edam, cheddar & avocado, American & bacon).

If you know me, then you know I went for the breakfast sandwich flight! Served on incredibly soft and fresh buns with fluffy eggs and melted cheese, all 3 had their own flavor but all equally delicious.

dunedin new zeland eats breakfast flights bloody mary obsessed.jpg

Booze Flights

Beer, bloodies, mimosas, sangria’s, there’s no lack of options to add a little pep in your step. You can’t take full advantage of the tropical paradise without a cold cocktail, or in this case, a flight of cocktails in your hand.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say ya’ll know which flight I got! The bloodies flight, which had my three favorite ways of sipping bloody marys; green, michelada, and classic.

The green bloody mary is made from a house-made tomatillo mix. Fresh, salty, and just enough spice to give you a weekday boost! The michelada is also made from a house-made mix and topped off with a light tap beer. The mix is savory, smoky and uber delish!  The classic bloody mary is just that. A classic mix with vodka. Smooth and simple without all the frills.

dunedin new zealand eats bloody mary obsessed bloodies flight.jpg

No matter which flight you choose you will be more than satisfied! The inviting and relaxing atmosphere and their new breakfast flights will help you fly through your week just a little bit easier! Make sure to check out Dunedin New Zeland Eats and their new breakfast flights Monday-Friday from 10AM-2PM.

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