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$5.00 House-Made Bloodys at Eureka!

$5.00 House-Made Bloodys at Eureka!

Eureka!, UTC Mall


4.5 🍅's

Eureka! A bloody mary that is house-made, wallet-friendly and tastes really freaking good! Bloody marys and mimosas are only $5.00 every Saturday and Sunday at Eureka! Now I know in some places that might be a standard price, but to find a $5.00 Bloody Mary in San Diego that isn’t rubbish, is an absolute pleasure!

My Bloody Mary Meetup group convened at Eureka! in the UTC mall, an outdoor shopping center with shops and restaurants. It was a beautiful day, so we sat outside on the patio and were absolutely thrilled about the bloodys and food.

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The Bloody Mary at Eureka! is made with a house made mix; not typical for such an inexpensive drink. The mix is salty, savory, and has influences of the east coast; including a prevailing punch of horseradish. Alongside the heat from the hot sauce and black pepper, the Eureka! bloody packs some serious flavor. Worcestershire sauce and the dijon mustard balances the cocktail out with a little tang on the tip of your tongue.

The Eureka! bloody mary is mixed with American Star Vodka, a craft distiller in Santa Barbra. The bloody mary is garnished with a warm piece of bacon, olive, celery and a jalapeño that I swooshed around in my drink for some added heat.

Not only are the bloodys and weekend specials great, the food is phenomenal! I love the protein chopped salad. It’s vegetarian and it is also really pretty to look at and photograph! The beet burger blew my mind with how good it was, and the jalapeño egg burger is great for the meat lovers!

eureka utc mall bloody mary obsessed burger.jpg

All in all, you can’t go wrong with dining out at Eureka, especially on the weekends! The bloody mary is remarkable and the food is delicious. I highly recommend stopping by Eureka!

bloody mary obsessed eurek utc mall.jpg
eureka bloody mary obsessed utc mall.jpg
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