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Football, Pizza, Bloody Marys And A Romance In The Making

Good ole Old Chicago in EP (Eden Prairie) as they call it in Minnesota. The Sunday regular spot for me and my husband to watch my favorite sport.. FOOTBALL! You see when you are born and raised in Boston there is about a 99.9% chance that since conception you were being groomed to be a lover of all Boston sports. Of course, my generation worships the greatest team of all time; the New England Patriots. Living in Minnesota, they don’t like to play Patriots games on TV unless they are nationally televised, so we made Old Chicago our go-to for football games on Sundays. I actually consider it a place where our love blossomed in the early months. Pizza, football, Tom Brady, and bloody marys. Doesn’t get more romantic. I don’t think he was used to dating someone who was such a crazy football fan, I like to think its one of the things that made him fall in love with me. I’m like a cool wife ya know, I make my husband watch football with me on Sundays. Typically, I’m a very loving and nurturing person but I might put my husband on the couch for 2 weeks if he tried to ask me to do something lame like go to Home Depot during game-time, I mean who would do that? As the season progressed, so did our love.