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Smokin' Mary at Wood Ranch

Smokin' Mary at Wood Ranch

Wood Ranch, Mission Valley

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Life can be super busy sometimes, am I right? With running two businesses sometimes it’s not always easy to make time for the people in our lives who matter most. One of the most important people in my life is my husband. 

Lucky for me, one of my businesses is blogging about and reviewing bloody marys so sometiems I get to mix business with pleasure, and bring along my husband! So, when I recently went to Wood Ranch in Mission Valley, I brought my husband along so we didn’t have to spend our “day off” apart! He was very thankful that I brought him this time because we loved the food and he devoured his plate quickly! I was equally pleased with my meal and the Smokin' Mary is fantastic!

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Tasting the first sip of the Smokin’ Mary resonates with the smell when you pull up to Wood Ranch and get out of your car; barbeque and wood smoking! A deep rich smoky flavor prevails but is not overpowering and contrasts with the light sweetness and tang of BBQ sauce. The Wood Ranch Smokin’ Mary is salty and savory but the consistency remains thin. A little kick of heat nips at your senses but overall is pretty tame. Because the bloody mary isn't too heavy, it’s a great compliment to one of Wood Ranches BBQ dishes.

Wood Ranch mixes the bloody with Kettle one Vodka and is topped with great garnish! A pretty piece of leafy celery and olive are the traditional pieces of garnish. However, the best part is the generous piece of applewood smoked bacon and a large chargrilled jalapeño covered with a balsamic glaze, so delicious!

The food at Wood Ranch was incredibly tasty! My husband got The Ultimate: A gigantic sandwich with pulled pork, brisket and kielbasa with a side of mac and cheese and I got one of the best salads I’ve ever had! The Farmhouse Salad is healthy and yummy and I added a cup of house-made vegetable soup! As I mentioned my husband devoured his entire meal quickly, but my salad was so big it fed me two more times that day!

wood ranch farmhouse salad bloody mary obsessed bloodymaryobsessed trolley food tour.jpg

I highly recommend Wood Ranch for their food and the Smokin’ Mary! The best part is you can order the bloody all day every day! I also recommend no matter how busy you are, always make time for the people who matter most!

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