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Super Easy, Super Bowl Sunday Michelada Recipe

LETS GET READY TO RUMBBBBBLLLLEEEEE! Super Bowl Sunday is upon us! I know most of you probably want to throw a tomato at my head for saying this……but I’m incredibly pumped because my team, the New England Patriots, are playing in the Super Bowl once again! Whoop whoop!

In any case, the Super Bowl has always been a huge event in my community (even when the Patriots were terrible). New Years Eve and Super Bowl Sunday were the only two nights a year my brother and I were allowed to stay up past our bedtime because it’s just that big of a deal! My parents and their friends and families always gathered together for epic feasts of endless food and drinks on Super Bowl Sunday, and it’s some of my favorite memories growing up!

The cooking, gathering, and partying basically starts as soon as everyone wakes up, so I’ve created a well-balanced and functional michelada recipe that’ll wow your guests and will satisfy the morning, midday, and night drinker. The easy michelada recipe will help relieve some pressure as the host, with everything else you’re preparing for Super Bowl Sunday!

cocktail artist bloody mary obsessed michelada super bowl sunday recipe.jpeg

The michelada is topped with Super Bowl Sunday friendly food; garlic parmesan wings and carrots and celery sticks! The best part is, you can use the excess wings to serve to your guests! Instead of making a complicated recipe, I just simply grabbed a bottle of the already flavorful and bold Cocktail Artist Premium Bloody Mary Mix from my local Walmart, and made a killer michelada with a stout beer (stout pairs well with parmesan cheese) Again, the excess beer can be served to your guests, so everything is easy peasy on you!

After a lot of research, I found this delectable garlic parmesan wing recipe on Pinterest that seemed to be the easiest and tastiest! Getting your wings prepared will be the first thing you’ll want to do! Remember, you won’t need all of them for your michelada recipe so you can put them on a platter and serve the excess wings to your guests as an appetizer! If you’re really in a crunch you can buy already made garlic parmesan wings from the store and heat them up in the oven.

garlic parmesean wings cocktial artist bloody mary obsessed super bowl sunday.JPG


3oz of Cocktail Artist Award-winning Premium Bloody Mary Mix

1 Beer: porter or stout pairs best with parmesan wings

2-3 Garlic Parmesan Wings - see recipe here

2 Celery sticks

2 Carrot sticks

Pint Glass


1. Prepare and cook your garlic parmesan wings

2. While wings are cooking cut your celery and carrot sticks

3. When wings are cooked, tossed and coated, add ice to your pint glass

4. Pour Cocktail Artist Premium Bloody Mary Mix into glass

5. Top off your glass with your beer, stir to blend

6. Garnish your michelada with the carrots, celery, and garlic parmesan wings

*sip and enjoy & please drink responsibly! GO PATS!!!

cocktail artist super bowl sunday easy recipe bloody mary obsessed michelada.jpg
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