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BeachBreezeBrunch - Bub's @ the Beach

BeachBreezeBrunch - Bub's @ the Beach

Bub’s @ the Beach


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Summer. Ya, it’s almost over. Let's not talk about it. Let's not drown in sorrow. Let's CELEBRATE the end of summer with a bang! I know the perfect spot! Bub’s @ the Beach in Pacific Beach! The next BeachBreezeBrunch event is happening, this Sunday, August 26th!!

In the past, when I thought of Bub’s @ the Beach or @ the Ballpark, I thought of sports, beer, and wings. While all those things are true, Bub’s also has a sensational brunch! They have awesome deals on brunch cocktails, a wide variety of yummy food, and the epic “Bub’s Best Damn DIY Bloody Bar” where they don’t just put vodka in your glass but practically fill it to the top! I knew right away, this HAS to be the next spot for BeachBreezeBrunch!

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The bloody mary bar is equipped with a few simple instructions to build your personalized and intoxicating bloody mary:

  1. Order a DIY bloody

  2. Add bloody mix, hot sauces, and fun ingredients to your liking

  3. Dump that crazy concoction in a mixing tin, put pint glass on top, shake lightly

  4. Use empty glass and add salt or tajin rim

  5. Pour mixing tin into the pint glass, garnish, and ENJOY

  6. Chug that BAD BOY and REPEAT

I love a spicy bloody mary so I went half and half with the house-made mix (half spicy mix and half regular mix.) There's a large selection of hot sauces so I just picked a random bottle and gave it a try! The robust house-made mix is already jam-packed with flavor and spices so there isn’t a huge need for a ton of extras! I just added some horseradish to wake up my sleepy self and a splash of A1 steak sauce to elevate the savory factor.

Bub’s bloody mary DIY bar has an array of toppings like pickled veggies, pickles, and bacon, all of which ended up on the top of my bloody! If you’re a control freak like me, a DIY bloody mary bar is a dream come true! The ability to take the wheel and drive on your own bloody is not only satisfying but you feel a sense of accomplishment after you build it! I felt very proud of my accomplishment and celebrated by chugging that “BAD BOY”!

bubs at the beach bloody mary Bloody Mary obsessed bloodymaryobsessed.jpg

Bub’s also has a variety of super fun breakfast cocktails like the Manmosa, Summer Bod Vodka Soda Flight, and the Spa Water. They have plenty of breakfast and lunch options available and my personal favorites were: the Bubby’s Egg White Omelet and The Lil Hammer. Something for both vegetarian and meat lovers alike!

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If all this isn’t enough to convince you to come out to BeachBreezeBrunch this upcoming weekend, here’s a few more reasons; each guest will receive a welcome Aperol spritz, $6.00 Kettle One Botanical cocktails (normally $12.00), select discounted brunch items, fun photo ops, and games like shuffleboard, life-sized Jenga and connect four! It’s a great opportunity to celebrate the end of summer together with your friends, and also get out and meet some new ones! Hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it, I 100% recommend Bub’s DIY bloody bar and brunch!!

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