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Best Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bars In San Diego!

Best Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bars In San Diego!

Best Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bars In San Diego!

Build your own bloody mary bars in San Diego are much like a unicorn; mythical, elusive, and rare, unlike the east coast where build your own bloody mary bars are much more common. While San Diego only seems to have a few, I have news for you! I’ve captured the unicorn! I know the best spots where you can find the best build your own bloody marys in San Diego! Not only do these build your own bloody mary bars stand out, but the food, staff, and energy make it a fun and interactive experience at each restaurant!

Davanti Enoteca

Davanti Enoteca in Little Italy was one of the first build your own bloody mary bars in San Diego that I experienced! Reminiscent of Joanna Gaines style, Davanti’s build your own bloody mary bar is elegantly decorated; farm rustic chic!

A qualified assistant walks you through the bloody mary bar and builds it for you! You let your bloody mary assistant know how spicy to make your bloody and then she adds Worcestershire sauce, fresh lemon juice, and any extra seasonings to spruce up the mix before you begin to top your bloody mary.

The offerings on Davanti’s build your own bloody mary bar are plentiful and elevated. The olives are cheese or garlic stuffed and the veggies and pickles are pickled in-house. The beautifully pickled purple cauliflower and the hard-boiled eggs add dimension and flair to your carefully sculpted bloody. Finally, your bloody mary assistant tops your bloody with grilled asparagus, wrapped in prosciutto. O-M-GEEE, so good!

Price: $10.00


Smack in the heart of Gaslamp District, barleymash has an electric energy that radiates onto the street and draws you in! The beer and barley is always flowing, but did you know barleymash has an impressive build your own bloody mary bar during brunch?

You start your bloody from scratch with tomato juice for classic or Clamato for Caesar style, with an eclectic selection of hot sauces for your preferred spice level. To add flavor to the juice, the barleymash bloody mary bar has a vast selection of seasonings! No overload of black pepper, or so much horseradish your eyes water. Like Burger King, you can “have it your way”.

An overhead light shines down on the center of the bar where an enormous plate of bacon seems to be delivered straight from the bacon gods themselves and we are there to serve and devour! The assortment of colorful peppers and hearty meats and cheeses brighten and stack the bloody mary that you’ve created from scratch into your own personal recovery cocktail/meal!

Price: $12.00

Vessel Restaurant + Bar

Beach, breeze, bloody….mary bar. Vessel Restaurant + Bar located in the Kona Kai Resort & Spa has amazing views of the harbor and the build your own bloody mary bar isn’t half bad either!

Walk up to the bar and let them know you’re here for the bloody bar and they’ll rim your glass for you (much appreciated) and fill it with ice and vodka. Seasonings in salt shakers, full cloves of garlic, hot sauces galore, and a jar of horseradish are all there to give vitality to your bloody mary and your soul.

Vessel’s build your own bloody mary bar has some unique garnishes that you don’t see on bloodys typically such as capers, baby corn, mushrooms, and watermelon rinds. Yes, watermelon rinds! It’s nice to see some different options! The best part about the bloody mary bar is that it’s BOTTOMLESS!! Drink, season, and garnish to your heart's desire!

Price: $25.00 (bottomless)

Bub’s @ the Beach

Just a few blocks from the beach, Bub’s @ the Beach is notorious for their wings and awesome daily deals but they also have a sensational brunch and build your own bloody mary bar!

First off, Bub’s gives you a glass almost completely full of vodka, so you’re already off to a good start. They make the mix in-house and you can choose from mild or spicy. The mix is incredibly packed with seasonings and flavor so just throw some steak sauce and hot sauce and you’re ready to top that “bad boy”.

Bub’s bloody mary DIY bar has an array of toppings like pickled veggies, pickles, olives, and bacon. It’s great for those who love a strong, flavorful and savory hangover cure with a few extras on top!

Price: $10.00

So there you have it! No more guessing or wondering if San Diego build your own bloody mary bars exist! Now you know exactly where to find them! Drop a comment if you’ve been to any of these places or if I missed any and I should go!!! If you want to know where the best bloody marys in San Diego are be sure to click here!

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