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Monster Candied Bacon Marys

Monster Candied Bacon Marys

Cali Comfort BBQ, Spring Valley

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Don’t you just love the smell of Barbecue? Whether it’s your thing or not, you can’t deny luring aromas billowing from slow roasted meat! Smells trigger memories and emotions within our brains, so when I pulled up to Cali Comfort BBQ and smelled the food smoking in the back, I was transported to fond memories of grilling with my dad on camping trips, holiday barbecues or just a regular Tuesday night. Oh, the nostalgia. 

I decided to bring the Bloody Mary Brunch Meetup group to Cali Comfort because 1.Who doesn't love great BBQ 2. Because of four words; Monster. Candied. Bacon. Marys. The Monster Bacon Mary from Cali Comfort will not let the bloody mary nor the bacon lover down.

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The Monster Bacon Mary is Monster! Twenty-two ounces of bloody mary goodness. So good, that despite being ginormous, I drank it in less than ten minutes; guess I was thirsty. The bloody mary was bright red and had a smoky aroma (duh). I once again thought of barbecuing with my dad as I put the glass up to my mouth for my first sip. A1 Sauce makes this bloody savory and rich. Ketchup and Worcestershire sauce bring a sweet tang when you first sip the bloody. It may be sweet at first taste, but there is certainly a heat to the mix from the entire bottle of Tabasco that is added. An abundance of black pepper also gave me a little "pep in my step", pun intended. The fresh citrus juices helped thin the thicker consistency of this bloody out and it went down smooth and quick! The Monster Bloody had a perfect balance between sweet, salty, and savory. As I continued to drink it, I became warm and fuzzy inside. That’s what comfort food is supposed to do, right!? 

Cali Comfort uses Sobieski Vodka, a vodka from Poland that is semi-bitter and sweet in their bloodys, and rimmed the glass with Tajin for the extra smokey spice! However, the real star of the show is the candied bacon. A large, thick, piece of glorious bacon, fresh from the oven, delicately placed on top of the monster bloody. The glaze on the bacon was gushing with flavor and the juices were slowly running down the bacon into the bloody mary; Yum! One member described it as, “candy that tastes like bacon”, and, "so amazing". Most everyone ate their bacon before sipping their bloody so the manager was kind enough to bring us out more on a plate; which was devoured in a millisecond. 

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If you’re looking for great comfort food, outstanding barbecue and a bloody mary of epic proportions, I highly recommend Cali Comfort BBQ! There's a separate dining area great for families and also a great bar area that has multiple TV's for viewing all MLB and NFL games! If BBQ is really your thing, listen to owner Shawn's BBQ war stories, on his podcast, Behind the Smoke:  https://twitter.com/bbqwarstories

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