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There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays

There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays

CR Moultons


2.5 🍅's

I have to say it is slightly disappointing my Christmas trip 2 years back home to the east coast, which included stops all over Massachusetts and NH with a 3-day trip to NYC I was only able to document this one Bloody Mary. 

Me and my then boyfriend, now husband were on a trip for the holidays so I could introduce this potential life partner to my whole group of family and friends, no pressure. At the time I was living in a place that’s even colder than Boston, twin cities Minnesota.

We had a fabulous time touring around my home state that is rich in history and sports! We toured Fenway park and went to Celtics game all in one day. 

My husband particularly got a kick out the wicked Boston accents and I spent “only” half the time introducing him with the wrong name (Chris, instead of Christopher) before he kindly asked me to stop.

My husband and I were staying with my best friend Hayley in Newburyport, MA. A wealthy seaside community in North East MA. Hayley and I grew up a few towns over in the “not as rich and affluent” city of Bradford, MA.

Saturday morning came, I had bloody mary on the mind, my husband had pancakes on the mind. A short walk from Hayley’s in the fresh snow that had fallen, nestled in the heart of Newburyport was, busy CR Moultons. The glasses our bloody mary’s were served in read the words, “No hype, just good beer”. Couldn’t have been more true about the bloodys as well.


No fancy skewers, just a single celery stalk and some tasty simple spices The simplicity was just what I needed to cure that pesky hangover, it went down smooth and easy. Nothing like coffee and vodka after a week of running around doing constant meet and greets for my poor husband. Oh, and the pancakes were equally satisfying.  

If you’re in the Newburyport area, I highly recommend breakfast here. Also, if you’re looking for an excellent stylist, Hayley owns a salon in Newburyport,  French Twist Salon

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend